1. The new Double Down trail at @ridecanyons opened yesterday. Super fun/scary for me.


  2. He quit his job, then we went for a ride.


  3. Windbuff pow or rime crust? @steepskiing debates. @iceaxetv


  4. "Mystical!" is photographer Lee Cohen’s word for this sparkly, inside- the-snowglobe-style lighting. If you’ve ever skied with Lee, you can probably hear his voice saying "mystical" in your head right now. He’s spent the last 20 years perfecting powder skiing photography and he just joined Instagram. Give him a follow at @leecohen_pics


  5. Following the Fire Pan Required letter of the law, if not the spirit, by packing a turkey pan. Unlike the cast iron kind, you can fold this one up and put it in your pack.


  6. Paradise.


  7. Bombarded by icefall several times each hour, Mt Munday’s southwest aspect is an effed-up place. We skied a less suicidal face over the ridge in May 2012 with @eddiebauer and @powdermagazine


  8. Dawn #packrafting start on #idaho’s Middle Fork in the Salmon


  9. Gettin down on the mountain with Nick


  10. "You on point, Pfeiff? All the time, tip" -A Tribe Called Quest