1. @auclairjp sketches ideas for new @armadaskis tip shapes in Snowy Mountain Lodge, BC after a frigid day of backcountry pillow bashing last winter. JP was immensely talented both on and off the slopes. One of the many ways his spirit will live on is in the skis he designed. I’ll be thinking about him next time I butter off a powder pillow


  2. Rumors are circulating that @auclairjp and @andreasfransson99 have been missing since they were caught in an avalanche yesterday. Both JP and Andreas are Jedis on snow and I do hope that, somehow, they’re safe. Vibes. #jpauclair #andreasfransson


  3. After our island camping plans were thwarted by hurricanes, the weather finally cleared and @schwamarama and I spent a few days #packrafting the coast of Isla Espiritu Santo. The sea here is crammed full of fish, feels like bath water, and is clear as gin. I’ve never considered myself a beach person, but a guy could get used to this!


  4. We were in Baja California in Mexico when the worst hurricane on record made landfall last week. As the storm subsided, we watched this baby sea turtle charge ahead into the pounding surf. What a rowdy night to have hatched!


  5. A cabin in the wilderness, a grass airstrip, and a plane painted pumpkin spice orange. Looked like an excellent quality of life! In Selway Bitterroot Wilderness, Idaho a few weeks ago.


  6. Know your Wasatch? Prove it! Bring $1 bills to tonight’s @utavy fundraiser and look find the @powderwhores booth


  7. The Nothing is coming! Who else watched The NeverEnding Story as a kid? I hadn’t thought about it for a long time until watching this t-storm roll over the Wind River Range last May


  8. Early autumn ridge riding above the shining city


  9. These chicks motor in the mountains! Topping out on Timp yesterday with @sierraquitiquit and @kalenthorien . #mountainlove


  10. @kalenthorien drying out after paddling the Selway. @kokatatusa @astralbuoyancy