1. A cabin in the wilderness, a grass airstrip, and a plane painted pumpkin spice orange. Looked like an excellent quality of life! In Selway Bitterroot Wilderness, Idaho a few weeks ago.


  2. Know your Wasatch? Prove it! Bring $1 bills to tonight’s @utavy fundraiser and look find the @powderwhores booth


  3. The Nothing is coming! Who else watched The NeverEnding Story as a kid? I hadn’t thought about it for a long time until watching this t-storm roll over the Wind River Range last May


  4. Early autumn ridge riding above the shining city


  5. These chicks motor in the mountains! Topping out on Timp yesterday with @sierraquitiquit and @kalenthorien . #mountainlove


  6. @kalenthorien drying out after paddling the Selway. @kokatatusa @astralbuoyancy


  7. Summer is done in #parkcity?


  8. @semi_rad getting tractor beamed into a hovering craft. Too bad the spaceship didn’t fit in the frame


  9. Older packraft models are prone to wheelies at inopportune moments. From last week on the Selway with @utavy


  10. Turns out “snakelet” is real word for baby snakes like this little Garter I picked up the other day. TIL.